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Water leaking from an air conditioner is one of the more common problems people face with their system. As most people don’t know why the leakage happens or how to tackle the situation, we provided some solutions on how you can assess the problem before calling a professional company that offers Air Conditioning Services in Adelaide.

Firstly, turn off your air conditioning system and observe the state of your system, after this you should avoid fixing it on your own as you may cause further damage to the whole system – find a trustworthy air conditioning professional in Adelaide that offers repair and maintenance.

Let’s break down why your air conditioning system is leaking so you can best understand what your air conditioning maintenance worker is repairing.

1. Unit is not properly sealed


Unit is not properly sealed


It’s vital that your air conditioning system is properly sealed before use if not there are high chances for air to get inside the system. Due to this, the air is quickly condensed because of the cold air that the air conditioning system generates – if moisture develops inside the system, there is a high possibility that it will begin to leak from the unit.

2. System not properly installed


System not properly installed


This may be due to using unqualified or a less experienced company; you should take the time to research and use an experienced air conditioning service that will install the system properly the first time. It’s wise to fit the front end of the system higher than the rear end; if the difference is within an inch you won’t have an issue, as the problem only occurs when the difference is more than an inch.

3. Blockage in Water Drain


Blockage in Water Drain

When there is an accumulation of dirt and dust, drain holes that are present in the rear of the system get easily clogged – when the holes get blocked, moisture forms and it begins to leak from the rear.

4. Temperature Drop Outside


Temperature Drop Outside


If the temperature outside your house drops drastically, it will also cause less water to evaporate than usual. This means when the water builds up in the air conditioning system, it causes leakage in the unit.

5. Refrigerant Is Low


Refrigerant Is Low


There will be a drop in the pressure of the air conditioning system when the refrigerant levels become low, which will freeze the evaporator coil and the melting can cause water to drip.

When you face this particular situation, you must use a professional company that provides services related to Air Conditioning in Adelaide.

Adelaide Heating and Cooling is the best air conditioning repair and service

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We will give a quick solution to the problem that you are facing: Here are some quick tips for your reference:

Check the filters if they are clogged. If they have accumulated dirt and dust, you can plan on cleaning them immediately.

If the refrigerant levels are low, have the technician who is visiting you refill it.

If the hot air is seeping into the air conditioning system, plan on sealing it immediately.

These are the things that you can do to handle the situation with one of the best companies that provides air conditioning service in Adelaide.