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Today, an air conditioning system is considered a necessity instead of a luxury, and there are several aspects you should consider before choosing a system that suits your home and needs. It can become confusing as there are many companies that deal with air conditioning sales in Adelaide.

Whichever company you select to supply and install your air conditioning system should be chosen carefully, we figured out the seven factors that you need to consider before choosing your provider for air conditioning in Adelaide.

The Tonnage of the AC

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The first thing you should check before buying an air conditioning system is its capacity; a 1-tonne or 1.5-tonne air conditioning system is suitable to cool areas that are between 140 to 180 square footage. If the room is larger than this, you may need to find a higher tonnage air conditioning system – get professional help if you are unsure of how to pick the right tonnage.

Get An Energy-Efficient System


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Picking a system that is energy efficient is ideal if you want lower electricity bills, as most people would! Most companies that manufacture air conditioners tag the system with a label to indicate how many energy rating stars they have. Checking this information before investing your money in an air conditioning system is a must; the higher the star rating, the better the system. Though you might have to pay a little extra for an air conditioning system that has a better rating, in the long run it will save you hundreds in bills.

Window or Split AC

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While some people prefer to install a window air conditioning system, others lean towards a split air conditioning system as it makes space look less

bulky and more flush. Window air conditioning systems are less expensive than the split air conditioners, but depending on your preferences you must choose a system that fits your requirements and budget.

Read Through the Product Specifications

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You want an air conditioning system in Adelaide that will stand the test of time, that means you need to choose the best system for you. Reading the product specifications helps you understand how robust the materials and components of the system are. This assists you in making an informed choice because you know how the system is built – never skip this step as it will take some time and won’t want to purchase a system that isn’t up to standard.

Check the Reviews

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Customer reviews are great when you’re shopping around as people can comment about a product online. Check reviews from reputable websites to see what others have written about the air conditioning system you’re looking at purchasing, this will help you see if there are any hidden issues that arise later on. If you do this, you will know if you have to invest in particular equipment or avoid the product altogether.

The Air Quality

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Air conditioning systems that have the best dehumidification unit effectively remove the humidity from a room. Besides providing increased cooling, it will also help you and others remain comfortable year-round indoors.

The Multipurpose Systems

Multipurpose Systems

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It’s important to have an air conditioning system that not only helps cool your home or office but also provides heating solutions. Choose a product that has both if heating and cooling are your needs, and check with companies that are offering air conditioning sales in Adelaide to see your options.