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Imagine a hot summer’s day, the sun is blistering in the sky and beaming onto your home, creating a living hot box – and your air conditioning system doesn’t work efficiently! If you don’t take care of your air conditioning system, it can cause trouble down the track; keep information on your phone for a good maintenance company that handles air conditioning repairs in Adelaide.

With the right research, you can easily find the best company that specialises in air conditioning services in Adelaide. Take a look at the seven reasons why your air conditioning system might not be cooling properly:

Compressor Is Faulty

Compressor Is Faulty[Image]

Essentially, the compressor is the motor that compresses the coolant or the refrigerant before circulating it on the condenser and evaporator coils. At the heart of your air conditioning system, the compressor, if faulty or fails to function to its full potential, will have you facing issues with the cooling this summer.

Coils That Are Dirty

Coils That Are Dirty[Image]

Another reason why you could be having issues with your system is coils that have become too dirty; these coils help remove the heat from your system and air conditioning becomes significantly less efficient when this occurs.

Dirty Air Filters

Dirty Air Filters[Image]

Filters are often forgotten until they become clogged and start to affect how cool your air conditioning is. The cooling capacity reduces significantly when this happens and can remove the filters to clean them or replace them if you need to. If you’re not sure how to do this, use a professional company that does air conditioning repairs in Adelaide.

Coolant is Insufficient

Coolant is Insufficient[Image]

Your air conditioning system might not be working well if the refrigerant gas is decreased. If this is the case, seek professional help and call a company that specialises in air conditioning services in Adelaide to assist you.

Thermostat That Is Faulty

Thermostat That Is Faulty[Image]

One of the main components of the air conditioning system, the thermostat being faulty isn’t great for your AC. At its working state, it’s a sensor that detects the temperature in the room and tells the compressor if it has to continue cooling or if it can pause. When the thermostat fails to function to its full potential, cooling problems arise and unfortunately this is something that you cannot check for yourself. Connect with a professional company that specialises in air conditioning repairs in Adelaide.

Parts That Are Defective

 Parts That Are Defective[Image]

There are many parts that make an air conditioning system work efficiently, and when one isn’t functioning it can impact the whole system. This is a contributing factor in most AC systems not working and is the main reason why you need to enter into an annual maintenance contract with a company that does air conditioning service in Adelaide.

For example, components such as a motherboard, motor, capacitor or capillary can cause the system to function inefficiently. Make sure you contact a professional company if you suspect that some part of your system is faulty.

Air Conditioning System That Is Undersized

Air Conditioning System[Image]

The cooling for your room may not be right if your system is much too small for space; often people purchase an air conditioning system without checking if it is the right tonnage for the area of use. For example, installing a small AC or one with a low tonnage in a huge room is not going to help cool it down and you’ll be running it frequently. Always seek professional help before purchasing your system!