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Installing a split air conditioning system is not an easy task. You need a professional company that is into services related to air conditioning Adelaide to come and assist you with this task.

If you, however, feel that you can do it without the assistance of a professional air conditioning Adelaide company, you should proceed to do it if you have good knowledge in air conditioning systems.

There are eight steps that you need to follow when installing a split air conditioner.

A guide to the split system air conditioning installation

Right Area to Fix the Indoor Unit

Right Area to Fix the Indoor Unit

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Yes, you must check the area where you are going to install the indoor unit first before fixing it. You need to pick an area that is right for the air to flow freely in that space.

You must place the air conditioner on a wall that is strong and sturdy. Never put it on a wall that is weak as the equipment might cause vibration.

Mounting Plate and Outlet Hole

Once you have selected the area where you are going to install the indoor unit, the next thing that you need to do is to fix the mounting plate. Now, this is the place where the indoor unit is going to sit upon on the wall.

After which you need to drill the marked areas, and you should plan on installing the plastic anchors. Tight the screws on the mounting plate and at last, drill a hole of upto 7 to 8 cms. Pipes and wires from the indoor unit to go to the outdoor unit through this hole.

Place the Indoor Unit

Place the Indoor Unit

After completing the second step, you should place the indoor unit on the mounting plate. Ensure that you connect copper plates, drainage pipe, and the wires correctly to the system. Ensure that if there are any bends on the copper pipe, it is smooth. Place the front cover of the indoor unit on top of it.

Right Spot for Outdoor Unit

Right Spot for Outdoor Unit

The next thing that you should plan on doing is to pick a place wherein you want to place the outdoor unit. It should be almost 30-35 centimeters away from the indoor unit. Avoid placing it under the sunlight or in a place where it does not get dust.

Brackets for the Outdoor Unit

Brackets for the Outdoor Unit[Image Courtesy:]

The next thing that you should plan on doing is to install the brackets for the outdoor unit. You should do it by drilling the holes for the brackets in the wall.

Fix the Outdoor Unit

After tightening the outdoor unit, you should place the outdoor unit on the brackets. Ensure that it is sitting comfortably on it.

Connect the Wires

After placing the outdoor unit on the brackets, the next thing that you do is connect the wires to it as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Connect the Copper Pipes

Connect the Copper Pipes[Image Courtesy:]

Lastly, you should connect the copper pipes to the outdoor unit after cleaning the copper pipes with a vacuum pump.

If you are confused about any of the steps mentioned above, you should use the best company that does the installation of the air conditioning Adelaide. Using a professional firm that is into air conditioning Adelaide is the best thing to do if you want the air conditioning system to work efficiently.