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When installing a new air conditioning unit in your Athelston home, you need to trust a company that is professional, one which is reputable, and one that is highly qualified in installation services. Not only does Adelaide Heating & Cooling meet these criteria, the company will fully guarantee and warrant your new installation of the air conditioning unit you hire us to install.

Why us? –

There are many companies you can hire in Athelston for installation services. Therefore, you have to understand what a company offers in terms of benefits to you, and the new air conditioning unit which is going to be installed for you. When you choose us you will:

  1. Have fully licensed, certified, and bonded technicians who visit your home to install the new system.
  2. Professional installation services which are fully guaranteed by our dedicated technicians.
  3. The best models and top name brands including Seeley, Braemar, and Coolair.

All of the units are fully warranted so you never have to worry about them being damaged within a short time after installing your new system. Further, we stand behind the work our technicians perform, so your new installation is done right the first time you choose us for service needs.

We offer the best prices for air conditioning installation services. Our technicians are fully trained in installing the latest split air systems, and reverse cycle air conditioning units.

If you are ready to choose your new air conditioning unit, you can contact our sales team to choose the right unit for your home. Or, if you need assistance in selecting the right air conditioning system, we are also here to help you choose the most efficient and affordable unit for your home. Contact us today for your service needs in Athelston. Our team is ready to answer your call, and dispatch the most qualified technicians to install your new system in your home.