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There’s no doubt about it, when you need professional heating and cooling services in Salisbury, you have to rely on a top service technician for the job. This is where Adelaide Heating & Cooling comes into place. In addition to around the clock professional services, the team is fully licensed, insured, and bonded, guaranteeing the highest quality heating and cooling services for customers.

From installing new air conditioning unit, to helping you choose the most energy efficient model, our sales team is prepared to assist residential customers through the entire process. We sell all major name brands to our Salisbury customers as well. Daikin, Samsung, Coolair, and Breeze Air, are just a few of the options you have when choosing your new air conditioning unit from our expansive selection of models. Split air systems, energy efficient models, and several varieties of air conditioning and heating systems are available, regardless of what you require for your home.

Of course you want to have the most qualified professionals install your new system as well. So look no further than our team of professionals. We sell major name brand models, will remove your old unit and dispose of it, and will install the new model you choose for your home. All of our services are fully guaranteed, and all new model units you purchase are fully warranted. You never have to worry about quality, performance, or issues with installation and functionality when you choose a leader in heating and cooling services in Salisbury.

Whether your old unit has seen its last days, or you simply want a more energy efficient model, we are here to help. Our sales department is ready to assist you in choosing a new system. Call today to discuss your heating and cooling needs, and to schedule your installation with Adelaide Heating & Cooling professionals.