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Trusted in bringing
you the best evaporative
air conditioning

Braemar has been providing Australian families with the highest quality heating and cooling systems for over 65 years. Offering energy and cost efficient systems that provide total comfort all year round, Braemar holds a stellar reputation as a household name, providing excellence in evaporative air conditioners. As a highly-trusted Australian owned and operated business, we pride ourselves on uncompromised product quality and reliability while offering 7 year comprehensive warranty on our products.

What Ducted Evaporative
Cooling means for your home:

  • Whole house cooling with fresh, healthy air
  • Whisper-quiet cooling for your convenience day or night
  • Very low running costs in comparison to reverse cycle cooling
  • Installation, maintenance and operation is simple as can be
  • Braemar’s products are reliable and long-lasting
  • Created in Australia to best combat the harshest climates
  • Environmentally friendly, offering low CO2 emissions

Why Choose Evaporative
over Reverse Cycle?

A revolutionary concept in residential cooling, our Paradigm and super stealth evaporative air conditioning system has been meticulously researched and developed to offer you fresh, cool air during the hottest climates in history.

Bringing over 65 years experience, Braemar has designed an evaporative cooling system that provides big savings on energy bills and comfort during the harshest seasons. With summer’s getting hotter, evaporative cooling has the advantage of energy efficiency and fresh air; getting a good night’s sleep during record-breaking heat waves is easy with whisper-quiet cooling. Having windows and doors open allows fresh air into the home, keeping your skin supple and having a lesser impact on the environment, unlike many reverse cycle systems.

Save big with

Not only does your impact on the climate significantly decrease, your energy bills will feel lighter too. Compared to traditional air conditioning systems, evaporative coolers cost less to operate and maintain, significantly lowering your energy bills and the need for future maintenance work.


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