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Evaporative Air Conditioning Adelaide

Best Evaporative Air Conditioner Service in Adelaide

We always advise homeowners to service their evaporative air conditioner regularly, precisely cleaning the pads and checking the water levels before summer. With evaporative air conditioning service in Adelaide, our evaporative cooling Adelaide teams improve the performance and enlarge the life of the cooling units.

When cooling appliances in the home are left dormant over the month’s evaporative air conditioners become congested with dirt, dust, and leaves, leading them to operate less powerfully. In some scenarios, a disused evaporative air conditioner that is blocked with waste could cause a fire in the house. Un-serviced evaporative air conditioners trim down the overall efficiency and enlarge power as well as water usage. We provide effective and precise evaporative air conditioner services in Adelaide.

Our Evaporative Air Conditioning Service in Adelaide Includes

  • Attending the client site and entirely accessing the units
  • Get rid of the louvers, filter pads and methodically cleaning
  • Correct water distribution and water levels in filter pads
  • Facilitate a sanitization capsule for hygiene in the hopper
  • Run the unit to make sure precise water usage rates
  • Check-out the right operations of the pump, fan and dump valve
  • Check-out drain pipe for appropriate discharge and excess water
  • Thoroughly check the controller for any of the error codes
  • Our teams leave the site dirt-free, clean and well-organized

Repairs of Evaporative Air Conditioning Across Adelaide

We don’t let our clients suffer in the heat and make sure their evaporative air conditioner is efficiently working with standard and at optimal levels. We don’t let power and water wastage unnecessarily cost you. Our team will come to your site, check-out the complete unit, and resourcefully perform all required repair works to keep you calm, cool, and fresh on those hot summer days. Our team specializes in evaporative air conditioning service and repairs so you can get the utmost effectiveness out of your system and put off breakdowns all through the summer months.

Contact Us To Make Sure You Are Ready For This Summer!

Our highly experienced Air Conditioning Adelaide team can offer a thoroughly clean and precise service of your evaporative air conditioner. To get the most excellent outcomes to form your evaporative air conditioner, we suggest all the homeowners service their cooling units at least once on a yearly basis and also get conducted frequent checks when it is used on a continuous basis.

Just give us a quick call to schedule a suitable time for our practiced professional to meet on the site and converse about your requirements.